At Myriadme, we believe that organizational growth should be imminent and as such the right approach is necessary to find the most appropriate approach as well as the right set of techniques that can stir progress in your organization.

In this regard, we have a team of astute business and technology consultants who analyze and develop a scientific method to strategically help your organization to increase its efficiency and effectiveness as it aims at achieving its strategic targets.

Our Consultancy services cover the following areas:


We conduct a thorough organizational research and market research to carefully analyze operations of the organization to determine the necessary measures that need to be taken to optimize the organizations performance and effectiveness.


Myriadme has a team of marketing experts to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at organizational growth.

Capacity Building

We also offer capacity building programs to develop skills in technology related fields and also to orient organizations to new and upcoming technologies which will be essential to organizational growth and development.